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Track Your Vital Metrics With Platformly Dashboards

00:00 Continuously monitor the metrics that matter in just a few clicks with your own powerful dashboards that are accessible, wherever you need them.

00:09 Use it on your TV screen, monitor, from inside your browser or on your devices on the go... the vital stats of your business are now front and center, providing you with the instant insight needed to accelerate your growth. There are two ways on how you can create a new dashboard.

00:28 From scratch or from a template. Let’s try to build a new dashboard from the template.

00:36 First of all, browse the category. You can choose one of the available templates: analytics, customers, integrations, sales, social, etc. Want something specific? You can request it here. For example, let’s create a revenue metrics dashboard. Choose Sales, then choose Revenue Metrics. Choose Your Payment Processor. You need to connect it in advance. You can find more details on this in our video tutorial on how to connect your payment processor. And here we go!

01:14 On a new dashboard, you can see all revenue metrics on how your business performing in real-time. If you need more widgets you can easily add them from this menu.

01:25 Just click on the type of widget you want to add to your dashboard and it will immediately appear there.

01:37 You can also change the setting of each widget separately: choose your payment processor, choose a type of data, and set period date. Also, you can remove the widget here.

01:50 There are also a few cool features that you have to try: Show dashboards on a fool screen, if you have a TV in the office it’s a good opportunity to illustrate to your employees how your business performing. Also, you can copy the public URL and share the dashboard with other people. That’s it, try to create your first dashboard now and monitor the health of your business in real-time!

Updated on: 16/01/2020

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