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Connect Your Payment Processor To Platformly (Stripe)

00:00 Hi. Alek here from Platformly. In this video I'm going to show you how to connect a payment processor to your account. Within your account, navigate to your profile and then set up. From the sub menu, we need to choose payment processors. Click on this button here, add first payment processor, or you can also use the button on the right. Once you click a form will pop up, and here we need to choose the processor name, the processor description, and the type of processor we're going to use. As you can see we support for payment processors, which are ClickBank, PayPal, Paddle, and Stripe. For this example, we are going to use Stripe. I'm going to just quickly add processor names in this Stripe connection. This can be related to your project, to your site depending on how you want ... Our first processor connection. Okay.

1:02 Make sure you follow the onscreen instructions for a successful process because depending on the chosen type of processor, different information is required. Let's start. Step one, we need to visit this URL. So if you haven't logged into Stripe, you will be required to log in, and then you'll be relayed to this page. We need to add an endpoint to this URL, so we come back to Stripe. We click add endpoint. We add the URL. For the version I suggest using your default one, or you can always use the latest CPR versions from Stripe. Events to send, so previously Stripe for sending all the events. Now they have this option where you choose what events to be sent. In our case, we will need to send charge events, customer events, and invoice events.

2:08 Once you have added all three types of events, click add endpoint. Now we can successfully edit our endpoint from Stripe to this URL for these events. Okay. Step two, click on the created an endpoint to reveal the sign-in secret, and copy paste it in the below field. Okay, so this is our sign-in secret for the endpoints we've created. So we go click reveal. We're going to copy this. Okay, then import like that. So here, and paste it. The third step is to add the API key with your Stripe account. So click reveal live key token and copy paste the given API key within the box below. Okay, so this is our API keys. So in this case we are using a test account, so that's why here we have reveal test key token. In your case, it will be real life key token. So we reveal that, copy and paste it here. Then, we click submit.

3:14 That's it. You have now successfully connected to your first payment processor within your account, these are the information that are used. As you can see here, you're able to see the sales, bills, cancellations, refunds, chargebacks. A lot of other stats. All these sections are going to be stored within our system, and the sales reporting will start to show that. In order to see data, the sales reporting is in the reports sales.

3:43 If you have already imported your contacts within your account, the next step is to import all your past sales transactions from the new created connected account. In order to do that, navigate to your profile here. Then choose import, and from there you go import sales. Here, you can choose from the drop down, the created payment processor, and follow the process to import all your transactions. This will allow us to fetch all the past transactions from your Stripe account, and generate reporting and also customer lifetime value.

Updated on: 09/07/2021

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