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Projects Overview

The Projects Overview section is where you can see the important stats for ALL your projects in the form of tables, as shown below:

Projects Overview

To access the Projects Overview section, select "ALL PROJECTS" in the project selector located at the top left of the user interface. Then, click on "Dashboards" in the top menu.

Here are the stats available:

Total Contacts
Total Net Income
Total Emails Sent
Total Emails Opened
Total Emails Clicked
Total SMS Sent
Total SMS Failed
Total SMS Clicked
Tracking Link Clicks
Total Page Visits
Total Optins

Tip: The 3-dot icon located at the top right of each table opens a menu with some shortcuts, so you can quickly add a new contact, draft a new email or set up a new automation, among many other things.

You can of course choose to include/exclude specific columns, so you only see what you are interested in, as shown below:

Table Column Configuration

Can I still create dashboards for multiple projects?

Yes, you can still create dashboards for multiple projects of course. To do so, simply click on the blue + button located at the top right.

If you have already created dashboards for multiple projects, you will be able to access them using the tab system of the ‘Projects Overview' page. The 1st tab is for the ‘Projects Overview' section and subsequent tabs are for your multi-projects dashboards, as shown below:

Multi-Projects Dashboards

Updated on: 31/08/2020

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