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How to Send a Broadcast with

In this video we look at using segments and tags when sending broadcast emails using PLY

00:01 In this video we're going to take a look at sending a broadcast email.

00:04 So to do that, hover over messages and go to send a broadcast. Now here, you're going to be met with some options. So, we're going to send an existing email, but if you haven't created email yet, then you'd click create new email and send.

00:19 So in our case, we have the email so we'll click send existing. From there, your first step is to choose the email you want to send. We're ready to invite some users now, so we're gonna select that option. We're gonna leave this the same, but you can change this if you want to.

00:38 And then we're gonna select who we're gonna send this broadcast to. Let's quickly talk about these features here. So what you can do is you can select are in segments or are not in segments, or have these tags or don't have these tags. So I want to target people for example who are not in a segment, but who do have a tag.

01:01 So what we're going to do is we'll do it the other way around. So we'll do have below tags. Once you add that you have to click plus, and then we're gonna select what tags we want.

01:11 We select the tag, and it loads the number of contacts we're gonna send it to. And then what we're going to do is we're going to from the drop down on not in segments, we're gonna add that. Now we'll choose the segments that we don't want them in.

01:25 So in this example, we don't want to mail to people who are already an active member. And then the other thing you can do is you can load from templates. So further down the page, once you've set up all your segments and tags like we did, when you come down here, you can save as template, so you see here save these contacts as a group template.

01:49 If you click this, and then after you've saved and sent, in future, you'll be able to just come here and select it from this drop down list and it'll automatically populate this for you. Then the next feature we have here is an excluded list. Let's say that you have a list of emails of people who you don't want to receive this email, or let's say that you're promoting an offer for someone, and you ask them to send you a list of emails to make sure that you're not promoting to people who are already members or who don't, have told you they don't want that training et cetera.

02:22 By clicking this, you can just paste in emails, one per line. And then that'll calculate and remove those from the mailing. We don't need to do that so we're just gonna come down here. Now I've already sent test emails of this, and I've already checked the content and everything, so I'm happy with it. You can see it on the different devices, you can check the spam score. I did this before saving my email, so I know it's good.

02:43 Once I'm happy with my email, and obviously you can launch the email builder and use that if you prefer, then we want to decide when we're gonna send it, who we're gonna send it from and once again, we can launch a test email and then click send.

02:57 If you want to send from a different email that's not yet set up, you just click this plus, it'll open in a new tab, you can then create a new sender profile, and then once you've saved it you'll come and you'll click refresh, and then it'll be available from the dropdown.

03:10 And I want to send with this one, I don't need to do that. So I'm just gonna click save email and send. Okay? And now, it's gonna ask me because the email was edited, do I want to update the currently saved email or do I want to save it as a new email. So I just want to update the currently saved email. And then it confirms that I'm about to send it to this many contacts and I click okay. And that's it, so now the email has been saved, and you see it here under sent. You'll see the email and it's currently pending, but you can refresh it and start seeing the sent numbers going up. And it take a couple of minutes to start going out, and then it'll send out to all those people.

03:53 So that's how you can successfully send a broadcast, and then come here and check on the stats under sent broadcast, and by clicking on view stats from action once you've, once the sending's completed. You also have the ability to, you see right now we can pause or cancel the sending, and later you'll have the ability to resend too, once, if you want to resend to those people, and then you can resend it to all the people who haven't opened it, for example, or haven't clicked and conversely who have.

04:23 So that's nice little shortcuts there for you be aware of as well. Okay, I hope that this was helpful.

Updated on: 19/07/2018

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