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Removing the default footer on outgoing emails

This guide and video show you how to add the subscriber options link and your address in a place of your choosing, for example with your custom template:

By default, we add a footer to outgoing emails. It contains the address that you set for that chosen sender profile, as well as an unsubscribe and edit info link for your subscribers and for email compliance.

You may want to add that in other parts of the email though, so then we don't want to duplicate that. Here is how to do that:

00:00 So, in this video, we're going to have a look at how you can customize your footers so you can remove the default for to the way we have, your business address and your unsubscribe content. So, normally when we send out an email, we add that automatically to the footer of the emails. But, you might be using a template, so if you paste in Source Code in here with the template design, or you might want to put it in different places, you can do that.

00:27 Normally, what we do is, you see, here's your business address and your unsubscribe text. That then links where the subscriber can click it in the footer, and modify the information or unsubscribe from mailings. Obviously, putting the address and unsubscription option is a requirement by law. But, if you want to do your own ... So, let's say you're using our builder, which is coming, or your pasting in your own HTML, and you don't want to have us putting in the unsubscribe and the address in the footer because you want to include it in it's own custom footer, or something like that. You can do that. These are the tags that you'll use.

01:02 You see this icon here? This is for personalizing your content. You scroll down to the bottom. You'll see under email personalization, you'll see the company address and unsubscribe link. Now, if you don't want us to include those in the footer, you need to use both of them wherever you're going to put them. Okay? So, this overrides the default address. So, you can put that there. So, wherever you put this ... So, open bracket, company undisclosed address, close bracket. It's going to show your standard profile address. It's going to show this address that you put here when you're creating that standard profile.

01:35 And, same thing for the unsubscribe link. So, the unsubscribe link, unclick. It takes them to a page where they can edit their subscriber info and also unsubscribe completely. Wherever you put the unsubscribe bracket, it'll then have that link. So, it's good to have a description as well.

01:51 Normally, in the footer, as I said, you paste this if you want to stop getting these emails. And, obviously, you can modify this and put what you want as long as you're using Word, unsubscribe, or something like that, or click here so we can hyperlink that. But, if you want to replace that in your design, if you have a nice company template or something like that, you can just use these two tags where you want those to show, and then we won't show them repeated in the footer.

Updated on: 19/11/2018

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