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Using the Email Builder with Templates

00:00 So in this video we're going to check out the new email builder inside of [Platformly 00:00:04].

00:04 So when you go to the center broadcast page, you'll see a button here, Launch Email Builder. If you click that, it's going to launch our brand new email builder, and we've got over 150 templates in here as well.

00:18 You can see all of the different templates on the side. Now, if you want to use an existing template to modify from there, you're just gonna go through these categories and select one. Otherwise you can just click Create New Template, and then can start from scratch.

00:30 Once you've designed the templates as you like them, you'll be able to save them under My Templates. And then you can use them at any other time for editing. So let's just take one as an example. So as you go through you can see all the different ones that we have at the moment. You can also request more templates if you want us to create some unique ones for you that you can't find in our current list.

00:52 So in this case, let's say that I want create a blog post email. An email that's going email and promote a blog post. So here we have this, now what I want to do is, it's not quite as I need it. We can see that it's missing, so this is well formatted, that's good. That's the heading. And then that's going to be the button link.

01:15 But it's missing a footer, so what I can do is I can go here and I can either add an element under layout, I can create a new section in here, or I can drag and drop an element down here.

01:26 So with the footer, we can take that and we can put it down here. Now we have a footer. I'm not going to want to have these buttons, so let's quickly edit these, or we can actually just delete that whole section and keep the footer section here.

01:43 And then we're gonna edit this, so you're just gonna click that, and you're gonna click on Edit. And we can realign the padding of it, left and right. We can realign the margins. And once we're happy with the way that that spacing looks, we can just double click on it to start editing the text.

02:02 We're going to remove this top level, and then, as you can see, this is going to be the ... It's gonna put in our address here, and it's gonna have the Unsubscribe link here. So it'll say Unsubscribe, and they'll be able to click it and manage their preferences.

02:20 And here you can go through and you can edit all the different text. So now what we want to do is we want to promote a different blog post, so I'm just gonna go about changing the image and the header image. So the first thing we'll do here is we'll just go here for settings, and then here where it says Change Image, we'll select that. And from our vault, we'll be able to choose different header image that we want to use. So just as an example, we're going to replace with this one. Can [inaudible 00:02:47] replace that, and then we're going to change the author.

02:49 So once again, were' going to go Change Image, and I'll be the author this time, so we'll select that and crop it. If you want it to be different sizes. So we'll go with something like that. And we're going to add that in. So now it's placed there.

03:10 And now we'll just edit the name. And you can just go through and now you can edit your email as you normally would. Once you're happy with it, so once we've designed this a way that we're happy with, then what we can do is go up to the top here, where it says Save As User Template, and I'm going to give ... You can either update an existing template that you've previously saved, or you can go ahead and make a new save. So in this one we're going to go with something like that.

03:43 Then we click Save. And it might take a moment to save it all 'cause it's got to save all of these images. Okay, "Template has been successfully saved." So now we'll be able to use this at a later date. Once we're happy with that, we click Apply and go back. And it's now going to put that into our send builder, which we can then just go out and send once we've added in all our hyperlinks.

04:06 And from here you can obviously modify it some more. And then you can do preview here, and also inside the builder, this is what it's going to look like inside the email. And this is how it will look on a mobile.

04:19 So once we're happy with that, we can then check the spam score, and once we're happy with that we can go down and send out our broadcast.

04:28 Okay, so I hope that you get a lot of benefit from this email builder and that it allows you to go out and create absolutely emails to send to your customers.

Updated on: 25/03/2019

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