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Adding And Managing Team Members At Platformly

00:00 Hi, Julien here from Platformly. In this video, I’m going to show you how to create a user account. As the owner of your Platformly account, you can indeed create user accounts, for your colleagues, business partners or even clients.

00:16 Imagine you partner up with Mark on a new SaaS project. You could create a user account for him, and give him access to this specific project in your Platformly account. Imagine you have a marketing assistant, you could create this person a user account, so he or she can send emails, or create automations for you. You get the idea.

00:30 To create a user account, simply click on the profile menu located at the top right, here. Then click on Setup. Then go to the User Accounts tab here.

00:41 On this page, you can see all your existing user accounts. You can see when the account was created, the first name, the user name, the password, if you click on the show link, and finally, the email address associated with this account.

00:55 To create a new user account, simply click on “New User Account” here. Enter the first name of the person you are creating a user account for. Then his or her email address. A username,a password, choose which projects this person should have access to. You can select multiple projects, of course. Then you have some system permissions here, and you can Allow All and Deny Specific Sub-Areas or Deny All and Allow Specific Sub-Areas.

01:25 For example, you can give this person access to all sections, minus the Automation section.

01:32 Here you have some dashboard permissions. You can indeed select which dashboards this person has access to.

01:40 Here again you can select multiple dashboards if you want to.

01:44 Finally, you can give this person the ability to create new dashboards if you want to by clicking here.

01:52 Once you filled out this form, click on Submit. At this point in time, our system sends an email to the email address you specified, inviting this person to login to Platformly meaning you don’t have to share login details yourself. You will then see the user account you just created in this list, and if you want to edit an existing user account, click on the three-dot icon here, then on edit.

02:15 This will open the same form, meaning you can change email address, username, password, permissions, and so on.
02:24 The number of user accounts you can create depends on your membership level. If you want to create more user accounts, purchase more user accounts by going to your profile. On the add-ons tab here you can select more user accounts, and the number of user accounts you want, and as you can see we charge five dollars per month per account, which is super valuable if you compare with our competitors.

02:46 Alright, I hope you found this video useful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Thanks for watching!

Updated on: 16/01/2020

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