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How to connect Contact Form 7 to Platformly


Hi, Alek here from Platformly.
In this tutorial video,

I'm going to show you the steps
to connect Contact Form 7

with Platformly. As you know, in Platformly
we have webhooks that accept data

and based on that data,
you can do specific actions to your

contacts. In order to connect Contact
Form 7 to Platormly, because by default,

Contact Form 7 doesn't have webhooks.

We need a middle plugin that is going

to send the Contact Form 7
data to Platformly as a webhook.

So let's add that plugin quickly.

If we go to "Add New",

we need to search for the plugin "CF7

to Webhook". "Install"... and we have
installed the plugin. Before activating,

I just want to show you something quickly.

So if you go to contacts and your forms...

In this case, we have only one
form for testing purposes.

You will be able to see
these options on the top.

OK, so now once the plugin is activated,

and then we refresh this page,
another option comes: Webhook.

So in order to activate the webhook,

this tick here should be
set and then a webhook URL.

So the webhook URL,
you need to take it from Platformly.

So let's quickly do that.

So here is where you are creating a new webhook.

If you are creating the webhook

for the first time, you go to "Automations",
"Webhooks" and then the + button on the right.

So let's quickly give it a name.

"Contact Form 7 Test", then choose an API key.

So choosing an API key that will
work and validate this webhook.

And this is the URL.

So let's copy the URL.

Then go back to the Contact Form 7 settings

for Webhook,
place it and save. OK,

so now everything is connected,
basically, from the Contact Form 7

point of view. Every
request goes to this webhook,

but in order to work in Platformly,
we need to save the actual webhook, right?

In order to do that, we need
to start listening to our test data.

So once this button is clicked,
"Start Listening".

We need to send test data so
the forms should be placed somewhere.

In this case, I have placed it
on the contact page and let's quickly send data.

So, "Alek...", this, OK.

So now we're sending a test request
to see if it is working or not.

As you can see, that test request just

came in and now we can continue further
and set the specific action that is going

to happen when these
requests come to Platformly.

In this case, I'm going
to choose "Add Contact", then

the project: "Test Project", contact email.

The "Email" is your email.

We choose the identifier, so your email and

"Contact First Name" is the name.

We can go even further and we say, OK,

for this,
every lead or submission that comes

from this form, segment the users to
"Test Project", "Only Me", for example...

and that's it.

So you have set everything up
and just click "Save Webhook".

Now the webhook is saved and everything is set
in order to quickly test out so we can go

like "View Webhook Stats",
which will show that there are no stats,

no submissions because we
just saved this webhook.


And now let's get back
and just do it again.

Another test, "",

and go Submit.

OK, if we go to Platformly and refresh
this page, we will be able to see

that the request came in, a successful
request, your name, your email.

That request came directly from Contact
Form 7. If we go to the CRM,

so in this case, I can filter the contacts

that contain that only segment, you
can see a new contact has been added.

If we click here, we can see it was in "Test

Project" and the segment is "Only Me"
basically assigned to this contact.

So that is how easily and quickly you can
connect Contact Form 7 to Platformly

without any headaches and use
it for your submissions.

Thanks for watching this video
and I hope it was helpful.

Updated on: 09/07/2021

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