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How to connect Facebook Lead Ads to Platformly?

It is possible to connect your Facebook Lead Ads to Platformly via Zapier. Once connected, you can set it up so that when you receive a new lead from Facebook Lead Ads:

The lead is automatically added as a contact in your Platformly CRM;
Specific segments or tags are applied to the new contact.

To do this, from within your Zapier account, follow these steps:

Connect your accounts

Connect your Zapier account to your Facebook Lead Ads account. You can do this under " My Apps", then "Add connection" in Zapier.

You will need to allow Zapier certain permissions to your Facebook account. You can find some answers on common issues when connecting Facebook Lead Ads to Zapier here.

Connect your Zapier account to Platformly. You will need to provide your Platformly API key, Project ID and company domain. You can click on the relevant link on the connection page to see where to go in Platformly to obtain all the information required.

Once both Facebook Lead Ads and Platformly are connected, click on "Create a Zap".

Setup your Trigger App

For the Trigger app, select "Facebook Lead Ads" and "New Lead" as the event.

Select the Facebook account that you connected to, select the Facebook page and Lead Ads form that you want to send data from.

Then test the trigger. Zapier will attempt to pull the latest lead data from the Facebook Lead Ads form that you selected. If no lead data has been collected yet, you can create a sample lead via the Facebook Lead Ad testing Tool as per the image below.

Setup Your Action App

For the Action app, select "Platformly" and "Create Contact" as the event. Select the Platformly account that you connected to.

Select the same Project ID number that you input when connecting Zapier to Platformly (Step 2 above). Then select and match the field from the Facebook form to that of your Platformly CRM using the test data. For example: email, first name and last name.

If you would like a segment or tag to be applied to the new contacts that will be sent from Facebook Lead Ads, input the relevant Segment or Tag ID from your Platformly account. You can locate you Segment or Tag ID in your account as shown in image below.

Test your action. You should get a successful message as per the image below.

Go to your Platformly CRM and you should now see the new test contact that has been sent from Facebook Lead Ads with relevant segment or tag applied.

Lastly publish and turn on your zap. Once your zap is turned on, new leads from your Facebook Lead Ads will be automatically added as a new contact in Platformly.

Updated on: 09/08/2022

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