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Capture Leads From Platformly Optin Forms

00:00 In this short video, I’d like to show you how Platformly opt-in forms work. Opt-in forms is a must-have tool if you want to effectively convert and monetize your website traffic.

00:11 You will be able to instantly grow your email list, get more leads and increase sales with most powerful Platformly opt-in forms. So let’s explore the tool.

00:22 There are three options on how you can create your first opt-in form: You can choose one of the existing templates. Create a new form from scratch. Or use a 3d party from code.

00:32 Let’s try to build an opt-in form from the template.

00:37 Here we can choose one of the existing templates, for example, this one.

00:45 Here you can see an opt-in form builder and from the right side, you can choose elements if you want to add or change. So let’s try to change some information in this opt-in form. For example, here, we can easily change the text. From, for example, 30 to 40% discount. Also, you can change the text. It’s green now, so if you want it to be this color, or this color, for example, red, it seems good here.

01:20 Also you can change here the placeholder from “Enter your email here” to let’s say, this one.

01:33 You can choose the type of input, in our case, it will be email, and let’s say, change the geometry of this form. You can also change the color here. So you want it to be this color. Corner radius can also be easily changed here. In the same rein, you can change your button. You can change geometry, you can change the text, you can change the action, etc., etc.

02:08 So, as I tell you, you can easily change every element in this opt-in form. So, let’s give a name to this opt-in form. Opt-in Sale… You can check also how it looks on mobile before launching.

02:34 You can click Save, and the opt-in form is successfully saved in all of the opt-in forms.

02:42 So, to publish your opt-in form, you need just to click this. And you have to choose one of these options: if you have your website with Wordpress, you can publish it with the Wordpress plugin. Second, you can generate a standard code. And third, you can use a third party integration. Once you publish your optin form, you can see all of its stats and how it’s performing on real time.

Updated on: 29/03/2022

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