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White Label with Custom Domains

With Platformly, you can add custom domains and turn your tracking links into URLs that use your own domain, publish your landing pages under your own domain and use your domain for all links within the sent email. You can find out more about Adding Custom Domains & Alternatives here.

When you set up a custom domain, it will show our default Platformly page as per the example below where we created a custom domain "".

You can further white label the custom domain so that when someone visits this link directly, they are not shown the Platformly default page. Instead, you can embed a webpage or do a redirect to another webpage. To do this:

Click on your profile icon, select Setup and click on the Domains tab.

Click on the three dot icon on the right hand side of the custom domain that you added and select Edit.

A window will pop up and you will have the option to embed your own webpage or set up a redirect to another webpage. Fill in the URL of page you want to embed or redirect to and then click on the Edit Domain button. Now instead of seeing the default page from Platformly, visitors will either see the page you have embedded or be redirected to that page.

Updated on: 06/05/2022

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