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How to Connect with ClickFunnels

If you choose to use ClickFunnels in this article we should you have to connect them with your account

00:00 In this short tutorial, we're going to look at how you can connect your Platformly account with ClickFunnels.

00:07 So, at the moment, they don't have a Native integration with us. But maybe if you hassle them enough in their Facebook group, and by contacting support, they might add one. But in the meantime, it's not needed in order to connect the two together.

00:20 So, if you're using ClickFunnels, and you want to send your contacts into Platformly, the way you can do that is, you need to create an opt-in form. So, for any third party service, that you want to connect to, if they don't have a Native integration, you're gonna create an opt-in form.

00:37 So, in this example, you'll go to Forms, Optins, Add A New Form. And then you'll see at the top here, 3rd Party Form Code. So, instead of selecting another template or something like that, you're gonna select 3rd Party Form Code, and this is what it's gonna look like, and you're gonna click OK. So, you see above here, it says that this is the default code. Click on the submit button, and chose the correct action. Once that's done, save it, and get the form code. So, let's do that now. So, the first thing we're gonna do, we click the submit button, and we click on this little icon here. This is gonna open up our options in the right side bar.

01:17 Now, from here, what we can do is we can ... When they submit a form, you add either a tag, or a segment. We can add both. Alright? So, in this case, we wanna just add a tag. I'm gonna call it testtag1, for this example. And you can use tags to email people, to later on create segments, to do automations, everything like that. So, you wanna be tagging them. So, in this case you'd tag them, for example ClickFunnels optin such and such Funnel name, or something like that. Or if you want to put them directly in a segment, you can do that as well.

01:52 If you don't have the tag created yet, you click on Create or Delete a tag, and by clicking that, it's gonna open the tags in a new window. You'll create it, and then you'll come back here and just simply click refresh, and it will be available in the drop-down menu. And then, another important thing is, once they click submit, we want to redirect them to a different URL, and that's key, because obviously ClickFunnels, you're building Funnels. So, it's a series that goes from one page to the next page, so we need to know where to send them when they click submit.

02:22 So, now, let's go back into ClickFunnels, and the way they currently have it, I just want to opt-in page open here, and opt-in templates, so when people opt-in here with their email, and they subscribe, we're going to want to send them to Platformly, and then continue them on their way.

02:40 So, you click Integrations, from the settings tab at the top, and now from Integrations, we're gonna choose HTML form, and then we're gonna choose Integrate an Existing HTML Form. And you'll see down here they say, "Important. Manually Set the Redirect." Now, it's a little bit out of your screen. Let's move it here. But anyway there's a URL down here, so, I'm just gonna copy that, and then we go back to Platformly and then it says Redirect To, and I'm gonna paste in the redirect that we want it to go to. Okay? And that's all we need to do.

03:18 Then the next thing we do is, we give it a name. So, in this case we're gonna call it ClickFunnel's Optin 1, as an example. So, you'll name it, so that you can track what it is, and you click Save. Once it's saved, you're gonna have an option to get the code. You see how it says, "Get Code." Now, we've set this up as we want. That's all there was to it. You click Get Code, and you'll see here, Option 3 Third Party Integration. You'll click that, now you choose the API key. Benefits of doing this is, it's secure to your account, and then also, you can delete these API keys if you change services. So, for example if your ClickFunnels account gets hacked, or if you stop using them or something like that, you can always delete that API key. Or if you've got a client, for example, and they're no longer your client, and you don't want their forms to keep sending op-tins into your account here. Those are the reasons.

04:11 So, we selected the API. If you don't have an API, you simply click this button, once again. It will open a new tab. You'll give it a name. I called this ClickFunnels account. You'll click save. You'll come back here, hit refresh, and it'll be available in the drop-down. Then you click Get Code. Now, we've got this code. We're just gonna copy it. So, you just simply click that, and we go back here, and here where it says Paste, we're just gonna control VF. And then we're gonna click save, Parse and Save Web Form. You'll see it's gonna give us here a first name and an email. So, you're obviously gonna select name, and email. So, whenever someone puts in their name, and their email, it's going to parse that information.

04:54 And you don't have to click any other buttons. It automatically sends it, so we'll click away, and I'll show you that. So, see there's the green tick, and we'll come back and see that's still there. So, then you can save this, and also, let's just preview.

05:10 So, we'll click preview. It brings us here. Let's call this testing222, and send with the email. And then when we click subscribe, what's supposed to happen, is it's supposed to then forward us to our next step in the Funnel, which it's done. Okay. This is the next part of the Funnel. So, we've been forwarded there.

05:29 Now, let's just go back here. Okay, once you're done in here, you can click back and we'll leave. And we should be able to see this is what we've created, and you can see one opt-in. So, you're not gonna be able to see the stats here, because this isn't parsed to us, as it's not a Native integration, but you will be able to track the opt-ins, from those different sequences. And now that we've created that one, we're gonna View Contacts, and see that ClickFunnels' contact has been added here. So, then we've got testing222. This is the one we've just added, and if we click this quick look, you'll see that it's got the tag, testtag1, which means that now we can start marketing to that contact. All right.

06:12 So, that's how you're gonna go about integrating in ClickFunnels.

Updated on: 13/09/2018

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