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Create And Publish Landing Page With Platformly

00:00 In this short video, I’d like to show you how Platformly landing pages work.

00:05 Our landing page builder allows creating an unlimited number of landing pages with no coding required. With our easy drag-and-drop builder and dozens of templates you can bring any campaign vision to life in a fraction of the time it would take with a developer. So, let’s explore the tool.

00:26 There are two options on how you can create your first landing page: Create a new landing page from scratch. Or here you can choose one of the existing templates. So, let’s try to build a landing page from a template.

00:41 First, let’s choose the template that we want to customize.

00:49 Here you can see the landing page builder. From the right side, you can choose other templates, sections, elements, layout, etc. as you want to change or customize.

01:01 So, basically, let’s try to change this existing template. You may click it two times to make some small changes. First of all, you can make the text bold, you can underline it if you want, you can change the size here, you can choose and change the color here.

01:28 Next, in existing landing pages you can easily change the images and existing templates. You just need to click here and click change image. If you have images in your vault, you can find them here and add, if you don’t, you can add a new one from your desktop.

01:50 Also, in the landing pages there is the app opt-in forms. You can select one from existing opt-in forms or you can create an opt-in form from scratch here. Once you finish editing your landing page, create the name and click save.

02:17 Once you’ve saved your landing page, you can publish it with the Wordpress plugin, leave it hosted with us, or use 3rd party integration.

02:28 So, once you publish it you will see a lot of different stats and you’ll see how it’s performing in real time.

Updated on: 16/01/2020

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