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Connect Platformly with Convertri

Convertri is a funnel and pages builder that now integrated natively with Platformly

00:00 In this video, we're going to have a look at how you can connect your Convertri account to your Platformly account. So, under the account settings, you'll click on integrations on the left panel, and from there, you're going to scroll down to where you see autoresponders, and then you'll see platform over here. You're going to click setup and then it's going to ask you to enter in your API key.

00:21 So, by clicking here, it will take you to the login page, and then you're going to go to the API docs and key section. I'm just going ahead and do that now and then paste one here. It's available from the drop-down over here at the top right. You'll see you have API docs and keys. You click that. You'll then click new key and give it the name, for example, "Convertri," and then copy and paste that key in here and click save.

00:48 Now you see that it's successfully connected, so what that means is we've now got this integration active, so when we go to create a page, under our campaigns, we can come here, we can create a new funnel, and from here, we can either create one from scratch or you can choose an existing funnel. So what we might do is we might just from an opt-in point of view, we might do this one.

01:08 We can give it a name, select a domain to attach it to, and then you'll see here it shows you the pages, how it works. So, we go from opt-in to thank you, and then later from sales page to check-out page to delivery page. So in this case, we're just going to edit the opt-in page.

01:29 So the way to do it is you come up here where it says forms in the top. You click that. This is basically to configure the form that's going to be on this page. So then under auto-responders, you'll be able to click on Platformly. This is going to load all of your projects, so what project you want your prospect added to.

01:47 So in this example, we're just going to select Project X, and then it's going to pull back all the form fields that you can map, so you can use the email, first name, last name, address, city, state, country, ZIP code, website, IP. Here, subscriber tags, we can assign tags, so it's going to pull the tags from your account.

02:05 It's going to pull a long list here. You can actually search by typing to get the one you want. In this case, we're just going to choose tag one. Then, we need to set up the redirect, so where we want them to go afterwards. In this case, we're just going to do test page.

02:25 Then, we click done. So now the form is configured, so when we come here, we can then go and we can just select the fields. So, this is an email field, which is correct, and of course, it's going to be required. The validation will check that it's an email address. Let's actually just save this.

02:43 We'll preview. We submit the form. Now you see it takes us to the page that I set. So, I set this page as the redirect page. Then if we go and we look inside of Platformly, so we see here, so here's tag one. If we refresh this, there should be two contacts in tag one.

03:06 There you go. If you click on that, we should be able to see the Colintesting. So, the tagging worked. They're added into the correct project and correct system. So that's how it integrates with Convertri from the form action and from the integration's drop-down. I hope that this helps you get set up and using Convertri with Platformly.

Updated on: 18/10/2019

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