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Connect to a 3rd Party Landing Page or Optin Provider

00:00 In this training video we're going to have a look at how you can add your Optin Form code to any third party site. So what we're going to do is we're going to navigate to the FORMS drop down menu, and then you're going to click on Optins. Now in this demo account you can see we've just done one example Optin from Optins you'll click Add New Form,, and then Standard Optin Form. This will then open up the Template Section and you'll see 3rd Party Forms Code button at the top. When you click that you'll see a preview of this, which includes the instructions on how to set up the form. So we'll just click okay, and it's then going to load that into the Builder, as we can see here.

00:44 Now from the Builder you'll be able to read these instructions. Basically these fields are already mapped for you, all you have to do is hover over the SUBMIT button, and then click on the Settings icon. What that's going to do is that's goIng to load the Options field here on the right bar. And what you can do is you can set the action that you wanted to take. So when someone submits the Form, we're going to want to add a Tag, and in this case, we're going to use Tag Example Tag. You'll be able to use either tags or segments or both to add you contact to Optin via your new 3rd Party System into and they'll be tagged or added to these segments or both.

01:27 Once you've done this you can then go and adjust the text on the button as well, if you want. Likely this won't be necessary, as you'll be designing this Optins in your other provider. And once you're happy with it you go up to the top left here, where it says Name this optin form, and you'll call it whatever name your calling it in the other site as well for easy management. So in this case, lets say that I was doing one for, which is a blog, I'll just call it And then I'm going to click Save. And that's it.

02:04 Then you'll see this GET CODE button, where the save button used to be. You'll click that, and then you'll see under Option 3 3rd party integration. We'll click this one, and then the next thing you do is your going to chose a API Key that you've already set up, and if you haven't set one up yet, you'll be able to click here, it'll load the API Keys.

02:29 Your new API Key, and in this case what you could do is you could name the service that your going to use it with. In this example we're gong to use a sample called ConvertBox, there we get the key, and here you can restrict IPs if you want. We're not going to do that in this example. And I don't suggest you do that for this specific use case.

02:48 The good thing is we can then delete these keys at any time, if we stop using those providers. Then your going to go back and then when you hit Refresh you'll be able to select that key from a drop down. You see here we have it Refreshing, and then we can select it from the drop down and click GET CODE. Now this code here we're just going to click COPY TO CLIPBOARD, and now it's been copied. Then you go over to your service that you're going to be using, in this case we're using ConvertBox, and if you are using this one your going to look for the custom HTML Form and click Connect, and it'll be the same in any other service that you use for your landing pages or Optin Forms or anything else.

03:41 And just to confirm, you also use the same method if you're using it on a landing page as for Optins okay? And then we'll just give it a name, so in this case, as I said before we'll probably call it, and then we click Connect. Or in this example you'd probably call it ... yeah, no that's fine. You see you can Add multiple forms to this is And then we'll go to the Dashboard, and now that that's done, the next time we create a campaign we'll be able to use that, and all the leads that come through there will go into with the Tag that we set.

04:19 Its a simple as that. We can then close this and we can then click back. And it says, "Changes may not have been saved, so you sure you want to leave?" We have saved it, so we are fine. And here's the form we created. Now you can get the form coded anytime for any of these by going here and clicking on Edit, and then getting the code, you can also click this to unpublish the form and then republish it, and on republish you can always then choose the third party integration as well and go through the same process.

04:55 And it's as simple as that to integrate with any other service that allow you to paste in that HTML as a replacement. Okay, thank you.

Updated on: 02/08/2019

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