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How To Navigate & Manage Platformly CRM

00:00 Once you uploaded your contacts into Platformly and segmented them it’s time to check what our marketing CRM is capable of. Here in the right corner, you can search for specific contact, company or other information using keywords. For example, let’s search for a client with username Robert.

00:23 If you want to filter your contacts by segments, emails they received, automations they are part of, activity, lead score, and much more you can do it using our CRM Filters. For example, you can filter the contacts who are registered to your webinar and then send to all of them a special offer or just check interactions with your product.

00:48 Also, you can save filtered lists to have quick access to these contacts. For example, here we created a list of customers who were inactive for a specific period of time.

01:02 Also, once you select one or more contacts you can apply such actions to them as send them an email, unsubscribe, delete, add a tag, segment, export, etc. Now, let’s check how you can manage each contact in your Platformly CRM.

01:22 This is the page of your contact. Here you can check and change your contacts’ personal details, see purchases activity, last emails sent, and other activity.

01:36 You can manage segments and tags manually for each of your contacts, review stats on emails and automations, edit contact info, make some notes and see how much money each contact generated for your business. That’s it. As you can see navigating and managing Platformly CRM is easy as pie.

Updated on: 16/01/2020

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