How to send emails to contacts that have a particular custom field

Platformly users can create their own custom field in the CRM. You can read more about how to do this here. If you need to send an email to those with a specific custom field, you can do so as set out below:

Option 1. You can do it manually directly from the CRM. Simply filter the contacts according to the custom field, then select the contacts and select "Send Email".

Option 2. You can create a tag and then create an automation rule so that whenever a contact is created and the particular custom field is not empty or has a certain term, the tag is applied. Then you can email those with this tag whenever you want to.

You could even create an automation rule that the tag is added when the custom field is updated to a particular term.

Option 3. Through an automation if you have a particular email ready to broadcast, simply create an automation for it.

That's how you can send out emails to contacts that have a particular custom field.
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